Our Mission

What is the mission of The Bay Area Black Community?

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Our mission is to provide a platform for all Black people of African descent to come to terms with the possibilities just around the corner for Black people. We will provide a structure unlike any other before us that will provide the tools, strategies and insights for success of every Black person of the community who is willing to allow us to lead them down the path of true empowerment for our communities. Here is what you will learn:

  • True African history prior to American slavery
  • Teach your children what their goals in life should be and why
  • Learn a marketable skill to succeed in the changing economy
  • Learn the powerful group economics tactics at work in every other community
  • Re-establish our “kinship” to one another
  • Opportunities to learn how to build true wealth that will pass on to the next generation
  • Learn simple tactics for everyday success
  • Assist you with your financial portfolio or financial report card (credit repair, mortgage education and infrastructure building for the future)
  • Self Defense tactics of the mind and body as well as Natural Healthcare and alternative medicine principles and studies
  • We will teach you “Mental” Martial Arts if you are willing to be held accountable by being teachable and coachable for your success and that of your family