Membership Agreement



  1. I regard as my primary obligation the welfare of the Black individual, Black family, and Black community and will engage in action for improving social conditions.
  2. I give precedence to this mission over my personal interest.
  3. I adopt the concept of a Black extended family and embrace all Black people as my brothers and sisters, making no distinction between their destiny and my own.
  4. I hold myself responsible for the quality and extent of service I perform and the quality and extent of service performed by the agency or organization in which I am employed, as it relates to the Black community.
  5. I accept the responsibility to protect the Black community against unethical and hypocritical practice by any individual or organizations engaged in social welfare activities.
  6. I stand ready to supplement my paid or professional advocacy with voluntary service in the Black public interest.
  7. I will consciously use my skills, and my whole being as an instrument for economical change, with particular attention directed to the establishment of Black business institutions within the black community.
  8. I will not steal from my people
  9. I will not kill my people
  10. I will not offer drugs to OR sell drugs to my people
  11. I will combine my dollars and BUY AS A GROUP to maximize the worth of our money
  12. I will serve and protect our women and children FIRST
  13. I will assist in the education of our own people every chance I get
  14. I will not fight my brothers and sisters
  15. Brothers and Sisters will protect and build up other brothers and sisters
  16. I will look for every opportunity to start our own businesses servicing the needs of our people FIRST and employing our people FIRST in that regard whenever possible

Special Note:  Any member who willfully attempts to disrupt POSITIVE influence and promotion of efforts within “The Black Community” Organization is “subject” to suspension or TERMINATION of MEMBERSHIP after investigation of claims proves to be true!