How to Reverse Slave Conditioning – town hall meeting Bay Area Black org

How to Reverse Slave Conditioning – 

bay area black org is here to reverse the affects of slave conditioning

are you free?

The Bay Area Black Organization is here to talk about (and facilitate) the release of slave conditioning and unhealthy beliefs that we cling to. There many aspects to this problem and just as many ways to “solve it” What is in your tool box ? This country is built on White Supremacy… this is not hate towards the white man…we are just recognizing that there is a built in advantage to being white in this country. How do we survive this? How do we counteract this ?

There have been many doctrines written about how to control slaves (which many of us are indirect descendants of). The first step was to maintain strict discipline with slaves…instilling fear that if you did something out of would be severely punished. The second step was always put the slave down…make them feel as inferior as possible. Verbally and physically beat the confidence down in the people. And finally, use fear of all kinds to keep the slave in check. Fear controls more minds in this country than a little bit. Fear makes us spend more of our money time and energy on things we don’t need or want. Fear keeps us from taking matters into our own hands (omg what might happen to me !?). How long are we gonna continue being slaves ???