Gentrification of Black Neighborhoods in The Bay Area

Gentrification of Black Neighborhoods and Families in The Bay Area of California has been going on for sometime now.

Gentrification – is the displacement of Black and brown urban residents by more affluent whites. Why ? its always about money of course. Once a certain region or area is re-classified as desirable (for whatever reason)… the white people want that land back. At the city planning level and at a undetected level…black are slowly forced out. Essential services are withheld… property values plummet, jobs become scare. As the people move out looking for better opportunities…developers swoop in and gobble up valuable real estate at pennies to a dollar. Before you blink your eyes, everything is built back up luxuriously ..rents are three times what they used to be.

Financial Literacy and Independence

Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works in the world: how someone manages to earn or make it, how that person manages it, how he/she invests it (turn it into more) and how that person donates it to help others.[1] More specifically, it refers to the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources.[2] Raising interest in personal finance -wikipedia

Education in The black Community

Young Black men of color — score below their counterparts in other racial and ethnic groups when it comes to graduation rates, literacy rates and college preparedness. And many African American men, in turn, are virtually locked out of employment and are filling up the nation’s prisons in disproportionate numbers.
Lets build our people up.. We need some kind of preemptive plan that we can put in to place to change these statistics.