Afro Economics – Discussion with [Video]

We as Afro Americans (Black folks in America) have the potential to change our own economic status, as well as that of the communities and countries in which we live in…particularly the Bay Area in California. But we tend to not want to come together as a group for collaborative events, education and financial upliftment. Why are we scared to buy black ? Why dont we start and run our own businesses ? Afro Economics is not being nurtured and practiced in our community. The Bay Area Black Org is setting up seminars and community events to bring awareness and strengthen the cohesiveness amongst our people we can get this done.

bay area black org is here to nurture the youth

support black business

We can come together to party and we come together to go to funeral. When it comes to serious business, we are too busy or don’t want to invest the time.
Research shows that inequalities persist in the way we are paid and which work is actually available in our communities. We have to create our own economic opportunities and freedoms. We have to create our own resources. We have to learn about the hidden resources that “the powers that be” dont want us to know about. We have to take back control and power and balance things for ourselves.

Lets create a strong supportive community for our children and secure their future. The Bay Area Black organization is bringing our people together to empower our mental and financial stature. Just a few tips on how to survive a crisis in America that will adversely affect the BLACK Community more than the rest while we get our minds right on taking care of each other again!