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The Future Belongs to those who prepare for it today ! ~ Malcolm X

Bay Area Black Community is dedicated to the economic empowerment, education & training of the Black African extended family …including our history; with emphasis on re-establishing our kinship to one another!

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Be a part of the solution…help us to educate and uplift our community. Your donations will help us to put together programs and resources.
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The Bay Area Black Community…

Working towards a Better Financial Future for Blacks!

Throughout the United States, even in the big cities, the media is rife with reports on how the economy is declining. Individuals are losing their homes, jobs and relationships due to the lack of money.

A lot of people are desperate for change and want extra money. This is how the concept behind The Bay Area Black Community came into being.

Brains behind the Project

A black man named Shawn Robinson living in California within the Bay Area was touched by the plight of black people living in the United States in terms of unemployment, layoffs and the general decline of living standards due to economic decline.

The Bay Area Black Comunity

founded by Shawn Robinson

He conceived the idea of bringing people together to combine resources so as to improve community living. To this end, he is planning to hold several Black Town Hall meetings, the first of which is during Black history month 2015.

The aim of this organization is to create awareness in the community and to also solicit for support for a membership service and system of which he has created from scratch.

Challenges Faced by the Black Community

Africans in America go through appalling conditions such as lowest quantity of riches, highest rate of unemployment, lowest income, highest rate of crime, and the quickest rate of death.  Sociologists attribute these conditions as a result of insufficient economic development.

The Predicament

the bay area black community

economic challenges abound in the black community

Distribution of wealth is not equal

  • Wealth is the money one receives from property ownership such as stocks, bonds, real estate or business. It is money that is continuously available to you so long as you are the owner of the property.
  • On the other hand, when you sell your labor, you earn an income. The problem with income is that if you are not working, you do not receive any money. Black Americans have a lot of income (around 1 trillion dollars) a year in minimal wealth.
  • The gap for wealth is becoming wider between White society and Black America. Studies show that in 2001, African Americans made up 13% of the population. However, they were the owners of only 3%, (inclusive of home equity) of the average family wealth. This translates to $121,000 for White homes and $19,000 for Black households.
  • Accumulation of wealth is important as it determines the social acceptance of an ethnic group, equal justice, good health care, individual comfort and the life span and quality of the lives they lead.

IBP (Inappropriate Behavior Patterns)

bay area black org is a community for the african american population specifically concerned with uplifting the economics of black people in america.

where are you on this graph ?

Unequal Wealth Distribution is not entirely to blame for the low economic status of Black America and the resultant life quality. Another big cause of this is referred to as IBP patterns. IBP refers to acts which Blacks carry out that are deemed inappropriate. This is a result of the social training of slavery.

Examples of IBP which is destructive are:

  • Community Division
  • Clashes with competition
  • Looking for Whites’ approval
  • Work attitude
  • Attitude on Material Items

Community Division

  • The inappropriate behaviour which is most destructive which African Americans go through is Community division. This stems from slavery which discouraged any efforts at unity.
  • The slave makers were aware that communities which were not united would be easy to continue controlling. Community Division is still rampant in today’s Black Community.
  • The major aim of the project for is to unite Blacks so as to better their everyday lives.
What is the Solution?

Some Black Americans might opt to look for an additional job so as to combat the above mentioned issues. However, this can prove difficult due to the decline in the number of jobs.

The initiative for our project is a vision of ensuring that Blacks start making money today to ensure a better future for them tomorrow. This will prevent more suffering long-term and raise a generation of Black people that will be competitive, socially and financially with the other ethnic groups within the Bay Area and some day nationwide!

Find out what you can do…leave a suggestion or contact us for more information on how you too….can be a part of the solution!